Warehouse Conversion, Spitalfields

Sleeping pods, swing and table

Conversion of a disused 1920s leather warehouse into a flexible live/work space, creating areas to stretch, relax, be creative, entertain, sleep and party. 

The design allowed the space to transform - by day, a working environment and by night, a space to relax and entertain. 

Sculptural ply sleeping pods were designed to be as small and efficient as possible, providing privacy and warmth, while the frosted walls allowed light to filter through by day and glow by night. Within the pod structure, a sleeping platform is cradled above head height, with access through a walk-in wardrobe tucked neatly underneath. 

The original leather cutting table was cut into two pieces, and suspended with marine fittings. The "2 Ply 2" table could seat either 12 or 25 people or be winched up to the ceiling for parties. 

There was also a bar that could be winched up and down, and a play swing. 

Designed and completed with Oliver Heath. 

Sleeping pods by day
Sleeping pods by night
Banqueting table
Image layout
2 across landscape fixed