blustin design is a hackney based creative studio looking to help you realise your aspirations and potential within your project.  Whatever the size or type of project, we are interested to discuss this further and be given the challenge to create bespoke and holistic designs for you.  We believe that good design can create inspiring, healthy and fun, living and working environments.  We always try to maintain a connection with nature in every project.  We take responsibility for specifying materials that are not harmful to the environment.   


nikki blustin : director

BArch DipArch UCL Architect 

For over twenty years, Nikki Blustin has been practicing and teaching Architecture and Design.  From the early days in Bacon Street Studios, a multi-disciplinary practice emerged that allowed for architects, artists, graphic designers to co-work and co-create. 

For the first ten years, Nikki Blustin practiced with business partner Oliver Heath and pushed ethical and environmental concerns to the forefront.   Oliver Heath is now a leading expert in biophilic design and practices from Brighton.  Nikki established Blustin Design, which merges her expertise and experience as an Architect practitioner and academic having taught for over ten years within higher education in Brighton and Oxford.  She carries the principles learnt while doing a yoga teaching qualification into the holistic ideas of design and healthy living both in and out of the home.  She is engaged in research projects looking a new sustainable ways of living.   


If you have a project you would like to discuss further please contact  


Image: In collaboration with Di Mainstone, Blackwell House Kaleidoscope
Blackwell House