• Magma store, Covent Garden

    Magma is a small British chain of shops selling art and design books and in this case design related products.   This was their first product store and so the inspiration for the store was taken from packaging design - corrugated cardboard became the sole material used for the interior architecture and shelving for this store.  The shelves, counter, display furniture, hanging racks, and partitions were all constructed from folded, stacked, or tubular treated cardboard.  

  • The Christie Cancer Hospital, Manchester

    The Alex Hall Relaxation room was designed as a sensual room for relaxation.  This was to provide a calming, multi-sensory and versatile space for patients, friends and relatives to relax before and after tests and treatment.  The room is to function both during the day and at night for in-patients of all ages to retreat, communicate, use the internet or watch films. 

  • Buxton House, Bethnal Green

    This small, 1980s terraced house was converted to provide contemporary, open-plan living in a city environment.  The ground floor was opened up entirely (using sprinkler systems to alleviate fire risk).  The house and garden are connected via new, large glass doors to the rear.  The first floor bathroom was integrated with the loft staircase, to maximise bedroom space. The loft was converted with an ensuite WC and open-plan bath, providing views over the city. 

  • Thames Barge, Faversham

    Having lived on this 1900 Thames grain barge for over ten years, the clients required a total re-design of their home, from its internal spaces to the furniture, to make it more efficient and appropriate to the way they lived. 

    The individual characteristics of the boat were retained, while the space was replanned to allow for new heating, lighting and services. The rooms were arranged either side of a central corridor, placing a new library and study in the bow, and an integrated kitchen, dining and lounge area to the stern. 

    Designed and completed with Oliver Heath. 

  • Warehouse Conversion, Spitalfields

    Conversion of a disused 1920s leather warehouse into a flexible live/work space, creating areas to stretch, relax, be creative, entertain, sleep and party. 

    The design allowed the space to transform - by day, a working environment and by night, a space to relax and entertain. 

  • Pool House, Bexhill

    The client had an existing building that they wished to convert into a swimming pool and relaxation area.  The interior was distinct and separate from the exterior, focusing on materials in organic forms to wrap and form spaces to sit within in an informal way.  The pool area was very dark in order to allow for projections.  This was in contrast to the relaxation area, which connected to an outside patio.    

    Designed and completed with Oliver Heath. 

  • Playscape, Collingwood Estate

    Exterior Landscape Improvements, Collingwood Estate, Tower Hamlets, London

    Brief: To assess the needs of the 'play' facilities, kick-about pitch and general external environment and within a limited budget, make a proposal, manage the manufacture and oversee the installation for new additions to improve the safety, use and appearance of the existing facility and surrounding area. 

  • Green Living Centre, Islington Council

    London Borough of Islington's Environmental and Regeneration Department commissioned a public exhibition and meeting room,  with an information desk and adjoining offices located on the ground floor street front to their offices on Upper Street, London.  The idea was to create local awareness of environmental issues offering assistance to the public of ways to lower their carbon footprint.  Planning meetings were held in this area too.  The display is constructed from repurposed timbers, the lighting feature overhead is made from hundreds of used plastic bottles.  The tables are constructed

  • Group B Lighting Design Showroom, Hammersmith

    To design a new concept lighting showroom to incorporate facilities for mocking-up lighting effects, and to provide lighting design consultation to the general public along Uxbridge Road, Hammersmith. 

  • Sustainable Housing, ING Real Estate, Bo'ness, Scotland

    As part of a larger regeneration scheme to breath new life into this town, ING real Estate were converting two 1920's ex-council housing blocks into private ownership.  We proposed a respectful environmental approach to these listed buildings.  The design of the apartments were reconfigured for modern living, the rear communal gardens given some private, some communal areas with allotments, and the front listed Art Deco facades were respected and using subtle colours and a given new striking entrance door to each building.  The illustration for the screens were designed taking local inspira